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 We decided to start Store This, Not That! because after all of our classes, TV appearances, seminars and speeches we do, people still frequently ask us, “What’s the secret to getting your food storage?” Even our own friends ask us this.  They say things like “We don’t have time to learn everything we need to know, read a long book, or take a class.  Just tell me what to do—can’t you just do it for me?  What’s the secret?”

So Store This, Not That! was born.  It’s an exciting website that is meant to help people quickly decipher what they should and should not be storing.  Think Better Homes and Gardens meets food storage. The problem is, (unlike pioneer times when your choices were hard tack or more hard tack) there are too many food storage options and companies to choose from now.

Here, we empower readers with the savvy tricks and insider information it takes to store the correct food, get the best prices, and in the end, how to make something your family would actually eat. With Store This, Not That! you are the expert in every situation, from survival food to which foods are worth investing in from a food storage company to which foods are okay to purchase from the grocery store and what you can do at home!  We want every family to have control over their own food storage—so they can save money, eat better, and never go hungry again—easily!

If you know us, you know we have a fun, light hearted, no-nonsense approach to food storage.  We’ve been successful at helping people get motivated to actually obtain and use their food storage and get prepared. We’ll let you in on all of our secrets and empower you with unbiased information from REAL experts! Between us, we’ve been in the food storage/emergency preparedness business for 18 years and have worked with, or for, most of the big food storage companies-which makes us the perfect fit for giving you the inside scoop on the best available products. Together we can discover the best food storage and preparedness choices and find out if we want to “Store This, Not That!”


Crystal is the author of the popular food storage book, I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage and food storage blogger (her previous blog was Everyday Food Storage) where her job is to test out the latest food storage products, discover new ways to use them, and compile the newest, smartest, most authoritative information on food storage available.  She has had several television appearances on Salt Lake’s Studio 5 and BYUtv.


Debbie has been involved in food storage and preparedness for 35 years. For the past eight years she has taught monthly cooking with food storage and preparedness seminars in Southern California and across Utah where she shares her knowledge of the good, the bad and the sometimes funny truths in the world of preparedness. She has been a guest presenter for a wide variety of community, church, college and business groups.


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