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November 5th, 2013

All Things (Food Storage) Thanksgiving

Oh YEAH!  Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday!  What a wonderful time to get together with family, reflect on our many blessings, great food, good conversations, black Friday shopping…need I go on?  I’m getting really brave this year and will be hosting my very own Thanksgiving.  (It’s always good motivation when you’ve got hungry college kids for nieces and nephews that need a place to go. 😉  Anyway, it will be a huge feat trying to come anywhere close to what my mom puts on-but secretly I’m really excited!  It’s always been on my bucket list to do an entire Thanksgiving dinner-just to see if I can.  EEK!  Wish me luck!  But in honor of Thanksgiving-up until Thanksgiving will be helpful Thanksgiving recipes including fun family activities, yummy roll and pie recipes, plus my best tips for pulling off your own Thanksgiving.  So exciting!  And…of course…there will be food storage….LOTS of food storage.  See you tomorrow!

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