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August 4th, 2015

Candle S’mores


I actually heard about this activity from a friend with EIGHT kids!  She did this with her kids when they were in their basement waiting out a hurricane with no electricity.  So the beauty of this activity is that it gives you a great thing to do if the power is out, it’s delicious, and it’s easy enough for kids to do.


It’s as simple as lighting a candle, putting a marshmallow on a fork and cooking your marshmallow.  I love to make S’mores using those striped fudge cookies because you can get them at any dollar store, and they already have a thin layer of chocolate that melts perfectly with your marshmallow.  Now be careful, especially if you have boys!  Candle flames are hotter than you probably think and since sugar is highly flammable you can definitely set your marshmallows on fire if you’re not paying attention.  You’ll need to hold your marshmallow about four inches from the candle flame and keep rotating!  Then enjoy your ooey-gooey delicious S’more.  So easy and so delicious!

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