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March 2nd, 2016

Destiny Survival Food Storage Podcast


Destiny Survival Food Storage Podcast

Wow!  This has been such a fun ride since our food storage book, “Store This, Not That!” was released!  Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews and emails….your kind words make it all worthwhile.  Not only have we been featured on TV shows like Good Things Utah and Your Life A to Z and last week, Debbie was able to chat John Wesley Smith on the Destiny Survival Podcast about what you should and should not be storing in your food storage.  We love the opportunity to share a practical approach to food storage.  Honestly, it is a huge blessing to help families all across the United States prepare and become self-reliant.

If you’d like to listen to Debbie’s podcast with Destiny Survival, click HERE

If you’d like to read John Wesley Smith’s review of our food storage book “Store This, Not That“, click HERE

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