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October 17th, 2015

Energizer Lithium 9 volt Batteries

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So…the other day I heard that ominous chirping in my house.  The worst part, is that the chirping was during my most precious time…kids naptime.  (Why do they always start chirping at the most inconvenient time?!)  To make matters worse, I had a bunch of old barely working 9 volt batteries to replace the already dead battery.  (You know those batteries sitting on your shelf don’t last forever, I don’t care how good the bunny looks on the commercial.)  Needless to say, the kids didn’t get a great nap that day and I became one frustrated mama!  I went straight to the store where I noticed these lithium 9 volt batteries…the kind you don’t replace for up to 10 years!  Based on the day I was having, I bought a ton and promptly went home and replaced every one of my smoke detector batteries.  So that means, I won’t be hearing that chirping again for a very, very long time.


energizer images 2Did you know that regular batteries are projected to last 6 months (depending on how cheap you went) to 1 year in your smoke detector.  So if you think the price difference (about $4 per battery) is too hefty.  Let me just tell you that these batteries could save you $100 or more (after all, who can guarantee the price of batteries will remain the same over the next 10 years?!).  Not to mention, that the value of NOT waking up to chirping is PRICELESS. *Please note, you should still TEST the batteries in your smoke detector every six months to make sure the smoke detector is working properly.

They also sell lithium batteries in lots of other sizes….like the size that fits your flashlights in your 72 hour kits.  (Remember, batteries lose their energy just sitting around not being used.)  We see lots of different, great ways to use these lithium batteries to make sure you have power when it matters most (and your kids are napping!).



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