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January 23rd, 2014

Make sure the sale matches!

My personal experience to highlight this is…One day, I was at the grocery store looking to buy some name brand butter that was on sale (cheaper than the store bought brand, who doesn’t love that?!). When I got to the butter section I noticed they didn’t have a lot of the name brand butter left. But no worries, the store brand butter tag said it was the same price. OR SO I THOUGHT. On closer examination, the store had filled the holes where the name brand butter had been with the store brand butter. I even asked a store associate if they were price matching the ad or something. The answer was NO. I bet a lot of people bought butter that day and paid more for it than they thought. This goes for all types of sales. Be sure the variety you’re purchasing is included in the sale and that the price and item totally match.


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