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January 16th, 2014

Name Brands, Store Brands, and Generic Brands

As you shop, be sure to compare prices of different brands. NAME BRANDS generally cost the most due to fancy packaging and advertisements-however, sometimes these can be HIGHER quality and taste BETTER than other brands as well. STORE BRANDS are sold by the supermarket chain (so you’ll see the store name on the can, i.e. Albertsons). GENERIC BRANDS have plain labels, aren’t advertised, and are generally the cheapest. Like I said before, the quality and taste between these three may differ-so it’s important to try the brands and decide which are worth paying the money for and which aren’t. For example, my family doesn’t like Bumble Bee tuna which is a name brand.  We think it’s really mushy (and gross!) and we prefer the Western Family brand which is a store brand because the tuna is firmer.  But what you’re willing to pay for is entirely up to you and your family-but it’s important to remember that if your family won’t eat it because they don’t like the taste-it’s a waste of money in the end. Also, be sure to compare brands that are on sale. Sometimes name brands can be cheaper than store brands because it’s on sale so be sure to LOOK around!

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