Category: Salad

Corner Street Bakery Chicken Salad Sandwich

Corner Street Bakery gets a food storage makeover! This is my favorite sandwich and it tastes great even with food storage!

Honey Mustard Dressing or Dip

I was really shocked to see how few ingredients it takes to make Honey Mustard Dressing. This is definitely the best I've had--definitely better than any store bought honey mustard dressing

House Greek Salad Dressing

I've pretty much spent most of my adult life wishing and dreaming that I could recreate that salad dressing. Well, I've found it. This makes the BEST greek salad dressing.

Easy Poppyseed Dressing

You know that one that everyone buys in the store for upwards of $5 a bottle? Yeah, doesn't even compare to this one! It's so delicious and so much cheaper, less than $1 a "bottle!"

Raspberry Vinaigrette

My whole life I've wanted to make a yummy, fresh tasting Raspberry Vinaigrette. They are so delicious in the summer when raspberries are at the peak. Well now, with a little food storage magic, you can have it year round!