Category: Sauces

Magic Mix

Use this mix to make creamy white sauces easily! Keep it tight in your fridge to help you make gravy, white sauce, condensed soup, pudding, and even fudgesicles!

Super Easy 3 Ingredient Strawberry Freezer Jam

Strawberry freezer jam is the best and now it's easy to make than ever before!

Freezer Guacamole

Don't waste your money on freeze-dried guacamole that is only good for one year on the shelf and one week once opened! Instead, make this much cheaper version of guacamole that will store in your freezer for just as long!

Food Storage “Fresh” Butter

You'll never try any of those terrible recipes for making over-priced butter powder into butter again! This is the real deal and so delicious!

Plum Jam

This great Ball recipe for homemade plum jam is the perfect mix of n Autumn mixture and sweet flavor.