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Cooking Method: Stove Top

Deliciously Creamy Oatmeal

Think oatmeal is gross?  Think again!  This oatmeal is creamy, just a little bit sweet and incredibly delicious.  Oatmeal is a great way to save money and stay full in the morning!  Make the simple swap of eating oatmeal instead of Cheerios and you'll save some serious bucks.

Ham & Pineapple Dinner

This meal is FABULOUS! A definite weekday dinner hero! It takes under 30 minutes to make, requires ingredients that can be found in your pantry, and your kids will love it!

Southwestern Egg Rolls

This favorite knock-off from Chili's restaurant is made even easier when you use your food storage!

Lemon Garlic Alfredo

This is just like one of my favorite recipes from The Olive Garden! You may be surprised how many food storage ingredients it has!

Plum Jam

This great Ball recipe for homemade plum jam is the perfect mix of n Autumn mixture and sweet flavor.