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March 12th, 2016

Why I Have Food Storage


Fantastic Family Friday is what I a dubbing today. I have been pondering why such a big part of my life has been devoted to food storage. The answer in one word is FAMILY. I love my family and try to do all in my power to provide for and protect them against the storms of life, just like a mother hen. That thought got me to thinking about the story of The Little Red Hen.


In the story the hen finds a wheat seed and sees its future potential. She wants to share her good fortune with her neighbors and goes about asking each of them (at each step of the way) if they would like to help plant it, tend to it, harvest it, grind it and make bread. All are too busy enjoying life to stop and help. In the end, because they did not put in the work to sow the grain they did not “reap” it’s benefits in this case, the hot, delicious bread.

I have, from the time I was a teenager, believed in the concept of food storage and as an adult, I realized that I cannot feed all my family, friends and neighbors but I can help them to see the need for self-reliance and encourage them to store their own food so that they too can provide for their own families.

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