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January 13th, 2014

Become a Grocery Shopping Pro in 2014!

So, last Friday, I was watching the nightly news and watched THIS STORY where he talked specifically about what foods will be going up in 2013 and by how much. This is the first story I’ve actually seen where people have been talking about this. Most people don’t know that 2012 was the worst drought the United States has seen in over 50 years! With most of the United States in an official drought or abnormally dry. While we can’t do much about the rain or rising prices we can start using our food storage to help save money and educate ourselves on how to be a SMARTER grocery shopper for the things we need to buy.

Become a PRO at grocery shopping!

That’s why this month I’ll be focusing on becoming a grocery shopping pro! I’ll help you to get your food storage well stocked…and I can do it WITH OUT coupons. Don’t get me wrong, I do love coupons, but there are MORE ways to save than just coupons! (Get a head start and check out Deals to Meals and sign up for the FREE 2 week trial-and of course make sure to let them know that I sent you!) So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting FREQUENTLY, sharing A LOT ways to combat the higher prices you’ll be seeing this year. It will include tips on budget meats, freezing food, buying in bulk and MORE! Trust me, the tips are easy and by the end you’ll feel like a PRO at grocery shopping!

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