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Let’s face it, food storage can be confusing, frustrating, and down right daunting. If you’ve ever felt confused about what you should actually be buying and storing, you’re not alone-and we’re here to help!

Why do I need food storage?

Somewhere, somehow, over the last few years, something happened to the economy and the world.  We all know it.  We’ve felt the effects of it and let’s be honest, it’s got everyone pretty concerned.

Couple that with a struggling economy with rising food and gas prices and you have a real problem. The point of these facts and figures is not to depress or scare you. It’s to reassure you that if you don’t have all the food storage you want or need, that this is a cause worth fighting, scrimping, sacrificing and saving for. It’s to reassure you that you have made the right choice to be prepared! In fact, we think you and your family deserve it! You deserve the peace preparedness brings, the comfort of knowing you have food for your family and the tools you’ll need to make a preemptive strike on rising food prices. It’s never too late to begin or finish what you have started-and that is where we come in…

Let us help!

We want to help you (as we have hundreds of others) prepare smarter and better. If you know us, you know we have a fun, light hearted, no-nonsense approach to emergency preparedness and food storage. Between us we’ve been in the emergency preparedness/food storage business for 18 years and have worked with, or for, most of the big food storage companies—which makes us the perfect fit for giving you the inside scoop on what you REALLY need. 

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Building a food storage supply is a lot like building your own ark. You don’t add the roof until you’ve finished framing, and you don’t frame until the plan is made. With the Store This, Not That! Method, we’ve simplified the complex world of food storage into six simple steps to help you build your food storage the right way. We’re all in different places with preparedness. Start right where you are and get where you want to be. You can do it! Just follow the steps.

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