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November 11th, 2015

Save BIG on Grocery Stock-up Sales Going on Now!


Of all the times of the year to save BIG on groceries, this is the month! November is one of the best times to stock up and save big $$ on your food storage. Who said you can’t purchase your food storage at a grocery store?!  (Well, the food storage companies, that’s who…but it’s not true!) I just got done with my first round of shopping (and yes, I do get some weird looks around the store!).  I saved so much, without ONE coupon, that they had to get manager approval-I saved over $270 which was over 70% savings!  Below you’ll find a general list of items to watch for this Thanksgiving season to stock up on.  If you live by a Kroger store, chances are the sales are HOT right now.  Or you can also sign up for a free two week trial from Deals to Meals and they will tell you all of the best sales and deals in your local area. (More information below)

Here are some of the top things to stock up on right now.

  • Butter (watch for great sales on Land-O-Lakes butter. Don’t let that flavor seal wrapper fool you, it is legit! Plus, butter really will keep in your freezer for up to a year and that flavor seal wrapper will keep it tasting fresh.  I always stock up on butter at this time of year. By me, the Land-O-Lakes butter is regularly $6.79 a pound and on sale for only $1.99!)
  • Campbells Cream Soups-ULTRA CHEAP!  By me they are under 50-cents a can!  During the year they are over a dollar and again they are cheaper than the cheap-o store brand!
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese-sometime between know and Christmas this gets cheap (I’ve seen it for as cheap as 99-cents) and guess what?  You can FREEZE Philadelphia cream cheese (only the Philadelphia brand….I’ve experimented and store brands just don’t work).  Even if you don’t feel comfortable freezing it, you may be surprised to see that the best buy date will be months out.  For example, I just bought some cream cheese today and the sell by date is MAY 1, 2016 that is SIX months out.
  • Cheese-either freeze it or refrigerate it…again that best buy date may surprise you it is far in the future.
  • Sour Cream-yep, the best buy date on this is also at least 3 weeks out.
  • Canned Vegetables & Fruits-watch for real name brand canned vegetables and fruits to go on sale (by me there are green giant vegetables for only 49-cents!  That is cheaper than the cheap-o store brand)
  • Canned Beans and Tomatoes-Again, watch for the name brand items to be cheaper than the store brands.
  • Flour, Sugar and other baking items-This is the cheapest it will be all year, PROMISE!
  • Frozen vegetables-even more than just peas and corn!
  • Crackers-Ritz, Wheat Thins–anything you’ll need for your appetizers
  • Cereal-especially Chex…after all, you have to get your Chex mix on this Holiday season
  • Stove Top Stuffing-your favorite boxed stuffing is cheap and a great ingredient in many a casseroles
  • Cake & Brownie Mixes-Your favorites cheaper than cheap!


unnamedThis is the PERFECT time to sign up for Deals to Meals free two week trial.  Deals to Meals is an online company that helps you pair up good deals with meals for the week so you can save money, stock-up, and eat better…easily!  They are in all 50 states and will give you the local scoop on all of the grocery store deals in your area.  They will even give you menu ideas based on what is on sale!  If there was ever a time to sign up for a free trial, it is NOW!

▪ Try it for FREE
▪ No Contracts ~ Cancel Anytime
▪ Money-Back Guarantee

They know you’ll absolutely love their service and they guarantee that if you use it, you will save WELL over the $4.95 each month–or it’s free. You REALLY CAN’T LOSE! You either save money by using Deals to Meals, or you don’t pay.


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