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January 27th, 2014

Don’t Buy Anything While You’re Waiting to Check Out

They are so clever those marketers. They put toys, candy, cold drinks, ice creams, and juicy magazines all around you while you’re waiting in line. It’s even better if you have a young child who notices the toys and candy because you’ll never hear the end of it until you leave the store….or BUY it for them. Which is exactly what they are hoping. All the items are small but it’s the ONE MORE item they are hoping to get you to pick up while you’re standing there. If you need a good line to tell your kids, I’ve found it works for mine and it may work for yours as well. “No, we’re not going to get (fill in the blank) we have plenty of (fill in the blank) at home. We need to leave that here for people who don’t have any at their house.” or if they are older, simply explain to them that it’s a rip off to buy most of those items and that people put them there to get you to spend money.  Why not tell them the truth and teach them to avoid those money sink holes themselves?  If you’d like to avoid the conversation entirely then try using the self check-out aisles.  They never have anything to buy and your kids will probably have a great time scanning the items!


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1 Comment

  • M Jones

    January 21, 2013 at 9:54 am

    I wish I had known your line for small children when my son was small (now 35). I pity the parents in line before and after me as they try to discourage their children from all those items at the check-out lane. Would you mind if I shared this with a few people who could share with many young mothers and fathers? If it can save them some sanity while waiting in line at the grocery I’m sure they would appreciate it.

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