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October 26th, 2015

Thrive Guacamole

open thrive guacI got, admittedly, very excited when I got the email about Thrive’s Guacamole.  My family loves, loves, loves Mexican food and let’s be honest, a huge part of food storage consists of  beans!  I knew at $20 for a pantry can it would be a luxury item, but for our family a little guaranteed guacamole would be awesome to mix in with those beans!  However, when I received my can, I was shocked to see that the storage life was only ONE YEAR and that it would only last ONE WEEK once opened.  I fell for the oldest food storage trick in the book!  Just because a company puts food in a #10 (or in this case, a pantry can) it does NOT ensure that the food in that can will last 30+ years.

Couple that with an extraordinarily high price ($13.00 a cup!) and you get a definitive Not That! rating.  cup of guac

Now if you’re wondering about the taste, I had my whole family taste it without any knowledge that I hadn’t made it myself.  The average rating on a scale from 1-10 was about a 6.  It went up to an 8 when I added in fresh lemon juice.  I thought the taste was marginal and definitely not terrible.  But for $13.00 a cup, it had better be home-run-out-of-this-park good, which I didn’t feel it was.


So what are your options? I thought you’d never ask.  You know, if you’re competing against a product that can only store for a year, you’re much better off storing store-bought or homemade guacamole in your freezer.  After all, that canned guacamole is really more of a 90-day supply item anyway.  Guacamole you freeze will last the same amount of time (about 6-8 months in your freezer), cost a FRACTION of the price, and taste delicious!

store this guac


Learn how to make your own freezer guacamole (when avocados are on sale, of course!).  Get our recipe and watch our how-to video HERE.

Freezer Guacamole

Don't waste your money on freeze-dried guacamole that is only good for one year on the shelf and one week once opened! Instead, make this much cheaper version of guacamole that will store in your freezer for just as long!

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