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February 4th, 2014

Meat Stocking Up Tips

Tip #14 : Buy meat on SALE and stock up!

Meat (especially beef) is sky rocketing right now.  And, like anything else it goes on sale-that is when you should buy it-alot of it!  It will save you at least $1 a pound and if you’re buying meat that is at least 3 pounds that saves you at least $3-which is a lot of money in terms of grocery shopping.  The easiest meat to do this with is hamburger.  I’ve got some ideas for that in my video below.

But Remember: Quality v. Quantity

So I realize these two tips may contradict themselves but it’s just like anything else.  Don’t get suckered into buying a meat that is really cheap (and poor quality) that you’ll hate using and wasting.  For example, for me I’ve learned I hate the ground beef sold in “chubs” (the pre-packaged tubes) because I don’t like how it tastes and it has a lot of fat.  It’s worth it to buy what you’ll actually USE even if it is a little more.

(I know this post will lead some of you to leave comments about how all of my meat will go bad when my power goes out-but let me assure you that I have canned and freeze-dried meat. But I like to eat fresh foods when I can and it is possible (very possible) to get fresh mean cheaper than canned and especially freeze-dried meat.)

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