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February 3rd, 2014

Take a Minute and Get Produce that is Ripe & Good Quality

Pick produce that is ripe-so you’ll eat it! There is nothing worse than bringing home mealy apples or squishy grapes. Here is a quick guide from Good Housekeeping to know how to pick your produce correctly.

Fruit Signs they’re fresh Signs you shouldn’t buy
Apricots Uniform golden color; firm to the touch Pale yellow or greenish-yellow color; rock hard or very soft; shriveled
Cantaloupe Delicate aroma; yellow-tinged skin; thick texture on the rind; no stem Pronounced yellow rind; very sweet, pungent aroma; soft rind
Cherries Average to large size; smooth, shiny surface; new-looking stems Shriveled, dried stems; dull sheen
Grapes Tender and plump; firmly attached to the stem; green grapes may have a slight amber blush Brown, brittle stems; wrinkled surface; leaking juice
Honeydew Delicate, pleasant aroma; creamy yellow rind; soft, velvety texture Green, smooth, hard rind; very sweet, pungent aroma
Nectarines/Peaches Plump; firm, with a slight cushion; white or yellow color with a red blush Very cushiony; shriveled or prunelike
Oranges Heavy; firm, smooth texture Rough texture; lightweight; dull; dry or spongy
Watermelon Cream-colored underside; symmetrical shape Misshapen, with cushiony spots
Vegetable Signs they’re fresh Signs you shouldn’t buy
Asparagus Straight, green stalks; closed tips Open tips; curved or rough texture
Bell Peppers Thick; bright; glossy skin; firm Soft spots; shriveled
Broccoli Firm; deep green color; closed florets Yellow color; open florets; soft; slippery; water-soaked spots
Carrots Bright orange; smooth; firm Rough texture; green roots; wilted; soft spots
Green Beans Long pods; straight; firm; crisp Bent pods; blemishes; wilted or loose pods
Onions Dry; papery; smooth skin; small necks Green spots; leathery depressed spots
Potatoes (white) Firm; oval shape; smooth Odd shape; shriveled or green-tinged; bruised
Tomatoes Plump; rich overall red color; slight cushion; smooth Shriveled, with blemishes; water-soaked spots; depressed areas

From: Good Housekeeping

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